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Japan PM dissolves parliament, planning Dec. vote
Japan PM dissolves parliament, planning Dec. vote. Share. Comments. noda. Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda addresses a news conference in New York earlier this year. (Photo: Craig Ruttle, AP) ...
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Japan seen in mild recession, recovery expected in Q1
TOKYO | Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:16am EST. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's export-reliant economy is probably in recession due to faltering global demand and a diplomatic row with China, but a recovery is likely in the first quarter of next year, a Reuters poll ...
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Japan stocks rally, tower over other Asia markets
HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — Japan stocks rallied hard Friday, outpacing regional markets and standing tall in a week of hefty losses for global equities, as the yen's recent weakness on speculation that a radical change in monetary policy may be ...
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Japan Expected to Launch Trade Talks With China, South Korea
Wall Street Journal
TOKYO—Japan, China and South Korea are working on an early launch of negotiations for a three-way free trade agreement, people familiar with the matter said, a move aimed at halting the recent sharp deterioration in economic ties—especially between ...
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Obama Courts Asean as China-Japan Tensions Rise: Southeast Asia
Obama's three-day trip includes visits to Thailand, which said this week it would join the U.S.-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks, and Myanmar, a former military regime bordering China that is hosting an American president for the first time ...
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Top Japan Stories from WSJ: Sony's Stock Tumble, India PM Cancels Visit ...
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Sony Bond Hits Stock Price: Sony Corp.'s stock skidded sharply early Thursday, touching its lowest level in more than 30 years as investors recoiled from the struggling electronics maker's plans for a new convertible bond to raise close to $2 billion ...
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Wall Street Journal (blog)
Japan's Hottest Commodity: Water
Morihiro Oguma's phone rang every day with calls from brokers representing foreign investors who wanted to buy his Japan Mineral water-bottling business. “In many cases I was told I could name my price,” Oguma says, adding that he has no interest in ...
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Japan Election May Curtail Stimulus as Recession Looms: Economy
Constraints on government action add extra pressure for loosening by the Bank of Japan (8301) to spur growth, counter deflation and weaken the yen. Opposition leader Shinzo Abe's call yesterday for unlimited easing had a bigger effect on the currency ...
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Japan Signs Deal With India on Rare Earth Production, Supply
Japan signed an agreement to import 4,100 tons of rare earths a year from India in its second deal this month to diversify supply from China for the metals used in mobile phones and hybrid cars to missile guidance systems. Japan, the world's biggest ...
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Japan, N.Korea in talks on abduction, missiles
ULAN BATOR — Senior Japanese and North Korean diplomats were due to resume rare "tough" talks on Friday, with Tokyo expected to press Pyongyang on its kidnapping of Japanese nationals and its arms programme. Japanese negotiator Shinsuke ...
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東京——為了挽救本黨頹勢,日本首相野田佳彥(Yoshihiko Noda)棋出新招,似乎有可能宣布,日本意圖加入一個宏圖遠大的泛太平洋自由貿易協定,而後宣布舉行選舉,並將加入協定作為民主黨的競選綱領之一。
日本一直對是否加入《泛太平洋夥伴關係協定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership)左右搖擺,該協定遭到受到重度保護的日本農民的反對,但獲得了消費者和工業集團的支持。有關政府意向的報道出現在大多數主要的日本媒體上,由此暗示了野田佳彥所在的民主黨(Democratic Party)已經作出了協調一致的努力,開始釋放有關戰略轉向的信號。
日本國家戰略擔當相前原誠司(Seiji Maehara)也表示,加入該協定將成為“民主黨的公開承諾,也應該是民主黨角逐大選的主要議題。”
加入該協定也可能將日本最大的反對黨,目前在民調之中領先的自由民主黨(Liberal Democratic Party)置於不利的政治位置。自民黨一直避免在加入協定問題上採取明確立場,原因是他們試圖保持農民和大企業的支持,傳統上,這兩者是自民黨最大的支持群體。新聞報道說,野田佳彥可能希望藉此逼迫自民黨明確表態,從而對反對黨構成損害。