2017年7月26日 星期三

Abe struggles to revive support as scandal threatens agenda

Cabinet reshuffle, special elections offer key tests.

TOKYO -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe struck a regretful tone in a…

2017年7月19日 星期三

Japan's love hotels court new clientele

Less sex and more tourists mean less kinky toys, more gourmet meals.

TOKYO -- As midnight approaches, the sloping streets of Shibuya's Dogenzaka district start to crowd up. There are the usual salarymen…

2017年7月17日 星期一

日野原重明醫師離世享壽105歲 Shigeaki Hinohara, Japan's centenarian doctor, dies at 105

Shigeaki Hinohara was no ordinary doctor.
He revolutionised medicine during the war,
still saw patients until months before his death,
and even survived a plane hijacking.
May he rest in peace.


#日野原重明 #聖路加國際醫院 #醫師

過百歲仍致力於杏林 日野原重明醫師離世享壽105歲:朝日新聞中文網


Kyodo News - English
#ShigeakiHinohara#Japan's #centenarian doctor, dies at 105.

Shigeaki Hinohara, honorary head of St. Luke's International Hospital in…



「あなたの好きな偉人は誰ですか?」のアンケートを元にして、ベスト100(100人の偉人、故人のみ)を発表する。推薦人は、推薦した人物を演じることになっているが、コメントのみや別の配役の人もいる。 同局紳助司会の行列のできる法律相談所出演者が同じだったり番組セットが似ている


2017年7月16日 星期日

A whole industry is built around a fetish for schoolgirls.

Urban Dictionary: Crush

When you have a crush on someone it means you have developed a strong desire for another person. Eventually it may grow into true love or your feelings ...

A whole industry is built around a fetish for schoolgirls. Some men say they do not need to marry; their crushes give them the romantic fulfilment they need

No one is well-served by sexism in Japan

2017年7月15日 星期六

好幾個經營管理上的教訓。Fujifilm to keep Fuji Xerox on short leash after scandal


Nikkei Asian Review
"We thought we shouldn't tell a grownup what to do."

TOKYO -- Following revelations that Fuji Xerox had padded revenue for years, parent Fujifilm Holdings will combine the office equipment unit's account

From fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2015, Fuji Xerox sales subsidiaries in New Zealand and Australia inflated income from office equipment leases. A subsequent restatement of past earnings resulted in a cumulative loss of 37.5 billion yen ($333 million).
Komori also blamed an incentive program that granted bonuses to top managers in New Zealand.
"Something that damages the trust in the company, something that should not have happened, did happen," he said. "We feel responsible as well."
Fuji Xerox President Hiroshi Kurihara stays on, but six other top executives have resigned over the scandal. Fujifilm has installed seven managers at the unit, including Komori himself, who will be chairman. "We will thoroughly re-educate [the unit] on governance," he promised.
Fujifilm executives will oversee technical and accounting matters, but "we won't hamper the strength of Fuji Xerox," Komori said. 
Sense of autonomy
Fuji Xerox generates nearly half of Fujifilm's group sales, and about 40% of operating profit. It has had a strong sense of autonomy within the group. The parent had run it with a light hand, supplying few managers and entrusting it with decisions on detailed matters.

2017年7月6日 星期四

《經濟夥伴協定(EPA)》: G-20峰會前 歐盟和日本達成自由貿易協定


【即時頭條】G-20峰會前 歐盟和日本達成自由貿易協定
歐盟貿易專員Cecilia Malmstrom 7月5日在推特上說:「我們(就歐盟-日本貿易協議在部長層面)達成了政治共識;現在我們建議雙方領導人在G-20峰會上確認。」
在美國總統特朗普強調「美國優先」的政策,2017年1月退出跨太平洋夥伴關係協定(TPP)後,安倍晉三希望把日本打造成全球貿易的龍頭。歐盟和日本的這一貿易協議,對德國總理默克爾而言,也是她在政治上一大勝利。從7月7日起她在漢堡主辦G-20元首會議,德國政府希望藉由這個場合來倡導市場開放。(撰文:Aoife White、Jonathan Stearns)
#安倍晉三 #容克 #TPP #默克爾 #特朗普

2017年7月5日 星期三

Modern mourning at Japan's high-tech cemeteries

Cheaper, more convenient -- and automated -- alternatives to the traditional family tomb.

TOKYO -- Expensive burial plots and changing lifestyles have seen more Japanese in big cities opting for cheaper, more convenient -- and automated --