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Google Alert -Japan, January 31, 2017

Daily update  January 31, 2017
The CEO of 'Japan's Amazon' Says President Trump Made Him Cry
In rare candor for a Japanese executive, CEO Hiroshi Mikitani of e-commerce giant Rakuten condemned U.S. President Donald Trump's move to ban ...
Japan pays enough for US military bases, Nikkei poll says
A C-5M Super Galaxy arrives at Yokota Air Base, Japan, last year. A Nikkei poll taken this past weekend found that 57 percent of Japanese favored ...
This Japanese Slot Game Generates More Revenue Than Las Vegas and Macau Combined
Last month, legislators in Japan passed a law that legalizes casino gambling in the country. It ended 15 years of political back-and-forth and paves the ...
Foreign Workers in Japan Surpass 1 Million for First Time
More than a million foreign workers were registered in Japan as of last October, a new record and a 19 percent increase on the previous year.
What life is like living with a 'love doll' in Japan
In 2007, Ryan Gosling played a character who has trouble making friends or even socializing with people in a movie called “Lars and the Real Girl.
Dolphin battles to save her calf from hunters inJapan
A mother dolphin tried desperately to save her calf from Japanese hunters who plan to sell the animals to aquariums, according to activists.
Fukushima breakthrough? Japan's TEPCO finds possible nuclear fuel debris
The operator of Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant may have finally found a portion of nuclear fuel debris responsible for a lot of the lingering ...
Japan's 'Unresolved' Disaster Sways Former Advocate of Nuclear Power
Previously an advocate for nuclear power in Japan, Ryuichi Yoneyama campaigned against the restart of the facility as part of his successful ...
Toshiba's Troubles Highlight Badly Run 'Japan Inc.'
Several trust banks are preparing to sue the Japanese conglomerate Toshiba (TOSYY) , after it admitted in 2015 to lying about its profits for years.

2017年1月29日 星期日

Ben Chen:杉原千畝 (Chiune Sugihara)

Chiune Sugihara
Chiune "Sempo" Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who served as Vice-Consul for the Empire of Japan in Lithuania. Wikipedia
BornJanuary 1, 1900, Mino, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Ben Chen 新增了 2 張相片

Marubeni to build 1.18GW solar plant

Chinese solar panel maker, Japanese trading house team up on a UAE mega solar project.

TOKYO -- Japanese trading house Marubeni will build and manage what will become one of the world's largest mega solar power plants.

2017年1月28日 星期六

日英兩國政府締結《物資勞務相互提供協定》(ACSA) ,加強防務合作

Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) are negotiated on a bilateral basis with United States allies or coalition partners that allow US forces to exchange most common types of support, including food, fuel, transportation, ammunition, and equipment.


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『高い城の男』The Man in the High Castle





2015年11月25日 11:25 発信地:ニューヨーク/米国

米ニューヨークの地下鉄の座席に掲げられた、旭日旗とナチス・ドイツのシンボルを使用した米アマゾン・ドットコムのドラマ広告(2015年11月24日撮影)。(c)AFP/TIMOTHY A. CLARY

哈里森說,現在人們對反烏托邦小說「很著迷」,菲利普·迪克(Philip Dick)的《高堡奇人》(The Man in the High Castle)也賣得很好。該書講述的是納粹打敗美國、贏得「二戰」的虛構歷史。根據這本小說改編的電視連續劇正在亞馬遜上播放第二季。
上週五,企鵝出版公司自1935年以來首次在英國出版辛克萊爾·劉易斯(Sinclair Lewis)的《不會發生在這裡》(It Can’t Happen Here),它講述的是一名煽動家的崛起,「我們已經出到第三印了。」
週三,這本書也登上了亞馬遜的暢銷書排行榜。一同入榜的還有另一本反烏托邦經典著作——阿爾都斯·赫胥黎(Aldous Huxley)的《美麗新世界》(Brave New World)。

高い城の男』(原題:The Man in the High Castle)は、フィリップ・K・ディックの同名の小説『高い城の男』に基づくAmazon.comのテレビドラマである。

【11月25日 AFP】米インターネット小売り大手アマゾン・ドットコム(Amazon.com)がニューヨーク(New York)の地下鉄に掲示した、ナチス・ドイツ(Nazi)の鷹の紋章と日本の帝国主義の象徴とされる旭日旗のデザインを使用したドラマ広告が、非難が殺到したために撤去に追い込まれた。
 米国旗に日独の両シンボルを融合させたこの広告は、同社制作のドラマ「The Man in the High Castle(高い城の男)」のプロモーションとして、ニューヨーク州都市交通局(MTA)から許可を得た上で、タイムズ・スクエア(Times Square)を走る地下鉄の座席を塗り替える形で掲示された。
 先月放映が始まった同ドラマは、フィリップ・K・ディック(Philip K. Dick)の同名小説が原作。第2次世界大戦(World War II)に敗れ、東部をナチスに、西部を日本に占領された1960年代の米国を舞台にした架空のシナリオが展開される。
 広告については、第2次世界大戦とホロコースト(ユダヤ人大虐殺)の生存者の感情を害するものだとして、ニューヨーク市のビル・デブラシオ(Bill de Blasio)市長などが広告の撤去を呼び掛けていた。当局者がAFPに語ったところよると、広告は当初、来月まで掲示される予定だったが、現在、撤去作業が進められているという。(c)AFP

2017年1月20日 星期五

Japan Inc. moving toward 4-day work week

日經新聞報導,其中最普遍的新制度是週休 3 天假,用意是讓有育兒與照顧老人需求的員工可以兼顧照顧與職場責任,重而解決勞動力短缺的問題。2015 年日本勞動部調查,讓員工一週休假 3 天以上的公司有 8%,比 10 年前多 3 倍。
日本 KFC 在 2016 年推出每週工時 20 小時,週休 3 天,且員工可自由排休的新制度,新制度並非強制,而是讓員工選擇是否參加,目前已有 20 名包括育嬰假返回職場的員工參加新制度,KFC 希望透過這個制度留住更多員工。Uniqlo 也推出自己設計的 3 天假計畫,Yahoo 日本計劃在幾年內實施。
在大都會之外,位於福岡縣的護理設備業者內山控股將在 2016 年年底前,將 3 天休息計畫擴大到全日本 81 個分支,影響 2 千多名勞工。內山控股的週工時 40 小時不變,但是員工將會在一週 4 天工作日每天工作 10 小時。
位於廣島的大米拋光設備製造商 Satake 從 2017 年夏天開始,將為在總部和兩個相關公司工作的 1,200 名員工提供 3 天假制度,2018 年全面實施,目標每週減少約 20% 工時,每週只要工作 32 小時,前提是必須減少如不必要的會議和文件之類的低效率勞動,以實現更短的工作時間。Satake 在日本以外的 12 個國家設有辦事處,希望透過降低工時制度,鼓勵員工利用新的空閒時間來磨練技能,如上語言學校。
中央大學的經濟學教授 Tetsu Washitani 表示,過去主要是大公司實施每週 3 天的休息時間制度,但是近年來,勞動力短缺促使更多大城市以外的企業採用,若新制度可以減少日常工作時間,可能還可以因此提高工作效率。
(首圖來源:Flickr/Byron Villegas CC By 2.0) 



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High-tech toilets in Japan getting standardized icons

W. Edwards Deming的 Out of the crisis 一書,有專章討論"可運作定義"與標準化的優點。

"The symbols are shown in the main image, and from left to right indicate the following: raise the lid, raise the seat, large flush, small flush, rear and front bidet, dry, and stop."

Futuristic Japanese toilets should get easier to use.

Japanese toilet industry agrees to standardize complex bidet controls
The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association, a consortium of…

High-tech toilets in Japan getting standardized icons
Perplexing signage will be slightly less perplexing in a bid to help tourists out.

TOM MENDELSOHN (UK) - 1/18/2017, 10:24 PM

It's long been a conundrum for visitors to Japan: how do you actually use the toilet? For more than 35 years, the "washlet"—also known in some parts as the "super toilet"—has baffled the unwary traveller with its incredibly confusing array of additional functions.

FURTHER READINGJapan just tried to launch the world’s smallest orbital rocketEach of these space-age super toilets comes with a panel of buttons festooned with inscrutable icons. Press the wrong one and you can easily end up with a sharp jet of cold water at an uncomfortable angle, or even an unexpected blow-dry for your junk. What makes the whole affair exponentially more confusing is the fact that, until now, the makers of these Swiss army-knife commodes couldn't agree on a way to standardise the images they put on the buttons.

FURTHER READINGJapan’s PM emerges from green pipe dressed as Mario, accepts Olympic torchAhead of the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020, however, with a massive influx of tourists and their bowel movements expected in the country, the manufacturers have reached a consensus. At a press conference on Tuesday, representatives from the nine companies that make up Japan's Sanitary Equipment Industry Association unveiled eight new symbols to accompany the various key functions for each new loo. Models released from April this year will all be standardised, and the manufacturers hope it might even become an international standard.

The symbols are shown in the main image, and from left to right indicate the following: raise the lid, raise the seat, large flush, small flush, rear and front bidet, dry, and stop.
Enlarge / An example of one of the better-labelled Japanese washlets.
Getty Images

Incredibly, these functions aren't the only features one might find on a super toilet; as well as hot-air drying, heated seats, and a range of bidet spray functions, manufacturers have included functions to control the heating and air conditioning for the room, underlighting for users in the night, and even music to relax a user's sphincter—some Inax toilets will apparently play the first few phrases of Op. 62 Nr. 6 Frühlingslied by Felix Mendelssohn. Higher-end units will have bidet sprays that pulse or vibrate gently for sufferers of haemorrhoids, or thoughtful automatic air deodorising.

"This is one of the most exciting technological breakthroughs to be squeezed out by Japan in recent memory," said Sebastian Anthony, editor of Ars Technica UK. "I was in Japan recently and had a full-on Mr Bean moment with one toilet that featured particularly bad iconography. There was a full and whiffy bowl, manic button pushing as I tried and failed to find the flush button, and hence nozzles spraying parts of me that hadn't received such, er, direct attention in many years."

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Sebastian Anthony

This Japanese toilet appears to be connected to the Internet. For firmware updates I guess.
7:35 AM - 20 Nov 2016

Japan is gearing up to make itself more comprehensible to tourists ahead of the Games in 2020, and the Rugby World Cup in 2019. Last year, the government began encouraging Buddhist temples to remove the "manji" symbol from maps aimed at foreigners, due to its close resemblance to the Nazi swastika. A total of six symbols were revised on new tourist maps, including an H in a circle which made westerners think more of helipads than the hotels it was designed to represent.

FURTHER READINGJapan’s high-res photos of the Moon are the coolest thing you’ll see today“Japan needs to create an environment where foreign visitors can easily use transport and find accommodation,” the country's Geospatial Information Authority said in a report quoted by the Japan Times. “For that purpose, it is especially important to disseminate multilingual maps that are easy for foreigners to understand.”

This post originated on Ars Technica UK

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